Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Contemporary Artist Research Project

Each student will be assigned 3 artists (this will be done in class on Thursday). One artist from each category. Find the link to your artist's web site bellow. You can also visit other sites if you wish.

You will choose five of the most interesting images from each artist and post them to the blog. You must also write a paragraph summary of the work (a description of their concept or process) which can include a portion of their artist statement. We will do presentations in class. In this way the class will be introduced to a range of contemporary ceramic artists and ideas. The presentations are to be brief (2 minutes max) as we want to maximize studio time.


Hoon Lee

Tyler Lotz

Clare Twomey

Magdalene Odundo

Sin-Ying Ho

Justin Novak

J. J. McCracken

Jaonie Turbek

Paul Sacaridiz

Arlene Shechet

Ai Wei Wei

Wendy Wallgate

Susan Beiner

Darla Jackson

Chad Curtis

Del Harrow

Julie York

Chris Gustin

Jennifer Mccurdy

Jun Kaneko

Vipoo Srivilasa


Empty Bowls

Ayumi Horie

Artstream (Allegany Meadows)

Sanam Emami

Kristen Keiffer

Julia Galloway

Alice Mara

John Glick

Molly Hatch

Rob Sutherland

Takeshi Yasuda

Clay Leonard

Shawn Spangler

Andy Brayman

Autumn Cipala

Josh Deweese

Kala Stein

Aysha Peltz



Eva Zeisel

Marek Cecula (diversity in ceramics)

Robert Dawson (design or sculpture)


Gesine Hackenberg

Hella Jongerius

Judith Vanden Boom

Tara Polansky

Jason Green

Maxim Velcovsky

Finding Cheska

Analia Segal

Lorena Barrezueta

Droog Design

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